The Squad


Sonia Gosain (Founder, Author, & Editor):

“Never Give Up” 

I’m a mess. But that’s not all I am. I’m a mess with a purpose. A purpose to see a world at peace, in harmony with each other. Just like this world, which is a mess, but with some hope.

Since a very young age I have been imagining a world where people would understand other just like they understand themselves; although this itself is quite controversial – Do we really understand ourselves? I have been fooled a zillion time.

Still, whatever understanding we do have of our own, what about others?

If we feel the need to be understood…what about others?

If we feel the need to be loved and cared…then what about others?

We all are on the same boat with the same sickness, but different ways of expressing it.

To make the world think of this idea is an immensely difficult task, but I won’t give up.


Gunjan Singh (Author):

“Live Now”

I am an erratic soul which needs something different and thrilling all the time and living life on my own terms, with no boundaries, is my only wish. I have a never-ending bucket list and I want to try them all.

Therefore, I am here to feed my urge of experiencing every bit of this world. But that’s not it. I have a purpose to show everyone that there are thousands of reasons to live and smile; Life is good when you take it so and don’t let others drive your will; there is something in everything to enjoy and be thankful for, we just need to find the right angle to discover the hidden adventure.

I am going to dig out my happiness from every place we travel and help everyone find their angle of happiness & adventure.


Yogesh Shah (Management):

“Make things simple. Be the difference.”

What if we make things simpler?

What if people understand each other better?

What a world it would be where we inhale understanding and exhale empathy?

I have always had these questions for the world.

I see souls caged in this complex world that we have created and the boundaries we have set. These eyes see the shaken cores losing themselves in search of wisdom and surrendering by becoming slaves to the trade of this world.

But the horizon of my vision is yet to widen, with plots to be unfolded, experiences to be touched and secrets to be revealed. While I explore these and broaden my point of view, I want to leave a trail in everyone’s mind. An everlasting trail to follow, which will inspire people to understand each other better and make this planet worth living in.


Varun Singh (Management):

“Keep Going.”

As I grew up, I fell in love with travelling. Getting to know about people, their culture, and their problems made me wonder if I can help them in some way; if I can bring a smile on their faces.

In this ever-growing urbanisation, I want to show the world the life, rich culture, tradition, and art that the villages have to offer. I want to help the village population earn from the treasures that they hold.

The world is forgetting a huge part of its existence and I want to play my part in giving it its life back. I’m on this journey to improve myself and help others grow with me.

I will keep going no matter what.

Because it doesn’t matter how strong the darkness is, there would still be a sunrise.

And I want to be able to say “Yes, my life was worth living.”


Shubham Singh (Photo & Videographer):

“Always try something NOW.”

I am a normal person and quite lazy, but I believe lazy ones have the most creative minds. I don’t believe in rules, but planning. I believe in perfection with fun and trust in every relationship whether personal or professional.

Just like the famous quote ‘live and let live’ says, I want to see a happy world with a good sense of humour and non-judgemental people, so that we can live a light and stress-free life.

I’m on this path to explore myself. And make use of every opportunity to learn and improve myself. I’m here to showcase my creativity and imagination while I capture the now and present it to you.

Life is like an opportunity to grab as there is no guarantee for the next one. So, here I am, Shubham Singh, offering my type of personality to you.