Welcome to you, who have come forth to read this.

We are glad to have you and hope you will find something worth your while, even if it’s not what you are looking for.

‘Looking for’ – a very thoughtful phrase.

Are you really looking for something? What are you looking for? Or who and why?

I’m Sonia Gosain, sort of, the mind behind the eyes of this group.

Before I tell you anything, I believe you should know how it all began.

However, if you feel like skipping you have that option, although not recommended.

How it all started? Birth of a VisionWhy do we exist?How is a travel website related to peace?

There is always a story.

Mine goes something like this

There was a waterfall. Its water gushing wildly. Wild enough to cut-off all the buzzing metropolitan noise that has permanently gnawed my ears. There was the sound of the rushing water, a little warmth of the sunlight penetrating the trees and the water droplets touching our bodies. The pond under the waterfall was an intense combination of the loud collision of water on one end and a little calm at the other, shimmering with the tint of blue and green.

A small group of my friends and I were standing right at the edge of the pond; some ready to jump into the colourful bliss. The sound of nature and the hoots of my friends merged into a pleasant pleasure of a life that hardly exists.


It all flashed in front of my eyes in a heartbeat and then it was gone. The daydream was over. I was still in the craze of a thunderous city, that I live in. I still had a stressed soul and a restless pair of lungs and ears listening to my own breaths. And then I came back to the reality I desperately wanted to exit.

Oh! what an incredible view it was and what a wonderful feeling! To just do what you love and be happy. The world is so tiring. How wonderful it would be to have that perfect escapade.

Months later, with the idea nearly forgotten, it unexpectedly came back; this time to stay. I discussed this with my friends and ended up with a group of interested pals.

But something imperative was missing. Was this all just for fun or more?

Daydreaming and doing a job are mostly oceans apart. It takes planning, knowledge and most importantly a vision – an impetus to keep you going and not giving up.

A work done just for fun will lead to great memories, but for how long.

How long can one go on without a purpose?

Apparently for a very long time! I have seen people spend their whole lives without one. They have an aim but no reason why.

Vision – it takes over your whole life. It takes all of your mind, soul, and heart. It takes all of you to make it. There will be people who won’t understand, those who would question and those who would simply laugh at you. But this reason keeps you on your feet, keeps you going.

I always dreamt of a world where everyone tries to understand one another. But my vision was absolutely unclear until I joined a job and got to meet a variety of people. Getting to know them, their stories, and their lives enlightened me and gave direction to my free-flowing soul.

What an amazing world it would be where we live in harmony. There are too many innocent people trapped in an unnecessary fight, becoming a victim to a fate that could have been better.

Is this world possible? Seems impossible, but still, it’s a vision worth spending my life on. I hope to make a difference to an extent that I can. We all can.

So, now when I go back to my daydream, it seems futile.

 It lacked a reason of existence.

Do you know why you are present on this planet? Is it just because you were born, so you must live it anyhow? Or do you have a reason to live? A reason of your own.

I have found a reason that provides an impetus to my life and The Everlasting Trail is and will be a representation of it.
This is the beginning of a vision, and it has a long way to go.

Why do we exist?

‘Why’ – Such an important question, but such little importance bestowed. It needs to be brought into the spotlight.

The Everlasting Trail exists to understand – in the best way we can – what the world holds for us. We are so used to this world that it is losing meaning and we have been desensitized by flashing roars of the never-ending sad news.

Life is Mysterious. Humans are Incredible. And our Minds are Curious.

It is all worth exploring and reaching the core which is all rusty with ignorance.

We are here to share our experience as we meet the world. As visit new place, seek new knowledge, feel deeper emotions, and connect stronger, we seek to share this knowledge, these experiences, emotions, and connection with you.

We exist with the vision to develop an understanding that will help us connect better with others.

No judgement. No Stereotypes. No Prejudices.

How is a travel website related to peace? 

It is not. It is not just a travel website, it is a journey to learn and understand before making a decision. A journey to know and synthesize the world. There are people who travel to find themselves, to find peace, beauty, etc. But there is more than what meets the eye.

We are here to get a closer look at life as we travel gain our experience with people and places, culture and traditions, myths and stories, hopes and dreams, good and bad, pros and cons, and everything between the lines.

There are guides and gazillions of articles about what kind of beauty a place is, and yes, we are going to share that too. But that’s not it. There’s more.

Although we all are different, we have much more in common than we realise, all we need is to open our eyes.

Here we are trying to bring a new perspective to you and we hope that you’ll find a connection with every part of this earth. This is an initiative to discover not just what makes us different but also everything that makes us alike, because, to accept our diversity and gain knowledge of our unique similarities holds the power to bring harmony.

Accompany us on this journey to a growth forever.

Everyone is contributing to the world in some way or the other, so are we.

It Is Just the Beginning of an Everlasting Trail.

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